How Do You Install a Video Card?

How Do You Install a Video Card?

To install a video card, open the computer case, remove the old video card, insert the new one into an open slot, and secure it with screws or hooks. Close the computer case, and restart the computer to install the drivers.

  1. Open up the computer

    Power down the computer, and unplug it from the outlet. To open the computer, unscrew the case or undo any hooks.

  2. Protect yourself and your equipment from electrostatic shock

    Touch the metal casing around the power jack to prevent electrostatic shock while handling the equipment.

  3. Remove the old video card

    To locate the video card, track the cable for the monitor to the back of a card. If one does not exist, your computer has an integrated graphics card that cannot be removed. To remove the old card, undo any hooks or screws, and gently pull the card out of the slot.

  4. Insert the new card

    Place the new card on top of an open expansion slot. Align the pins on the video card with the slot, and gently press down on the card to fit it into the slot. Secure the card with the provided screws or hooks.

  5. Install the drivers

    Replace the computer case. Plug the computer in, and turn it on. Once the computer restarts, Windows automatically checks for and installs a new driver for the video card. If one cannot be found, insert the installation disc that came with the card.