How Do You Install a Verizon Wi-Fi Card in a Laptop?


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To install the Verizon Wi-Fi Card on a laptop, the laptop must first have Wi-Fi capabilities. Only Verizon subscribers with download speeds of at least 1.1 mbps can have access to wireless service. Install the card through the VZAccess manager that comes with the card.

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The Wi-Fi service for Verizon customers is free, but primary users must activate their accounts. This requires going to www.verizon.com/wifi and creating a username and password. Note that while the account must be created by the primary account holder, it can be shared among sub-account holders who also have access to the Wi-Fi service. Once the registration process is completed, Wi-Fi connect is automatically downloaded to the laptop.

Users with a Verizon wireless card have to first ensure that they are within the National Enhanced Service Coverage Area before trying to activate their card. Insert the wireless card into the laptop through a USB or other compatible card slot. Once the card is in the laptop, click on the Verizon Activation software on the desktop of the laptop. Under the Start button, go to All Programs, and choose Sierra Wireless and then Aircard watcher for Verizon. Under the tools menu in the dialog box that appears, click on Activation wizard, and then click Automated Activation. Enter the numbers “22899” in the dialog box that appears, and click Enter. The card should now be activated.

Verizon's wireless card allows instant access to the Internet on the go. Users can download presentations and use video conferencing without any loss in quality.

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