How Do You Install a TV Wall Mount?


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Install a TV wall mount by screwing it into wooden studs in the wall; always follow the manufacturer's instructions for installation. For the easiest installation, use a wall mounting kit produced by the same manufacturer as the TV.

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Use a cable-wire tester to make sure the wall is safe to drill into. Use a stud finder to find studs and confirm their locations with a nail. Attach the TV to the mounting arms and wall bracket and hold it up to the wall to test that the cord reaches an outlet. Mark on the wall roughly where the bracket should attach.

Detach the TV and mounting arms from the wall bracket. Holding the wall bracket up, measure and make more precise markings of where the screws need to go into the wall to get the TV level and at the desired height.

Use a drill to create screw holes in the studs. Align the center holes of the wall bracket with the center of the studs for the most secure results. Use the hardware that came with the wall mounting kit. Using other hardware might result in damage to the wall or the TV. After securing the bracket to the wall, reattach the TV and mounting arms to the bracket. Make any necessary adjustments to the TV's position before connecting all the wiring.

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