How Do You Install Themes and Software in Samsung SGH E250?


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Changing the theme and software in a Samsung phone requires using a customized ROM, or Read-only memory program, which allows theme customization. However, a ROM installation will result in a voided warranty, so there are other options available to solely change the theme of the phone without affecting its software by using applications downloaded from the Google Play store.

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Whether installing ROM or applications, each process used to change the theme requires the same steps. Use the following instructions to change the theme on a Samsung phone.

  1. Search for the software
  2. Use the Google Play store or Samsung store to find the theme software for the phone.

  3. Test the themes
  4. Each theme will have screenshots which can be used to test the theme on the phone. Check each theme.

  5. Download the theme
  6. Once the theme is found, download and install it to the phone.

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