How Do You Install a Teredo Tunneling Adapter?

How Do You Install a Teredo Tunneling Adapter?

The first step for the installation of the Teredo Tunneling Adapter is opening the Device Manager. The Teredo Tunneling Adapter creates a virtual IPv6 tunnel through an IPv4 network to enable devices with the IPv6 protocol to communicate through the IPv4 network.

Open the Device Manager by holding down the Windows key and pressing R. A run dialog box opens up on the screen. Enter "hdwwiz.cpl" and click OK. Once the device manager opens up, select the Network Adapter option and then select the Add Legacy Hardware option from the Action drop-down menu.

Click on the Next button and click the Next button again in the Hardware Wizard dialog box. Another dialog box opens up. Select the advanced option to install the hardware manually selected from the list.

Click on the Next button to continue. A list appears that displays all the hardware categories. Select Network Adapters and click the Next button. Select Microsoft from the manufacturer list and Microsoft Teredo

Tunneling Adapter from the network adapter list. Click the Next button.

A dialog box opens indicating that the wizard is ready for the hardware installation. Click on the Next button to continue. Once the installation completes, click the Finish button.