How Do You Install a Swing Arm Mount?


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To install a swing arm TV mount, install the TV bracket to the back of the TV, locate and mark studs in the wall where you wish to mount the TV, place the wall brackets on the wall, and mount the TV. Use a carpenter’s level to ensure that it’s level and plumb.

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A TV mount comes with two pieces: one piece that attaches to the back of the TV and another that attaches to the wall. Begin the mounting process by positioning the TV face down on a soft pad or blanket, centering the TV bracket on the TV’s back, locating the holes on the back of the TV that allow installation of the mount, and using a driver or drill to screw the bracket to the back. Work the movement to test it, and ensure that the screws do not limit the movement. If the mount does not move as intended, use alternate screws to mount the bracket.

Choose a position on the wall, and locate studs using a stud finder. Some brackets require just one stud, while others may require two. Mark the stud or studs, and use a driver or drill to attach the wall bracket to the wall.

Lift the television, settling the TV bracket into the wall bracket. Check the installation for levelness using a carpenter’s level, adjusting the wall bracket if necessary.

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