How Do You Install a Sound Bar?

How Do You Install a Sound Bar?

To install a sound bar, first read the manual that comes with the equipment. Some sound bars have an HDMI cable to use for connection, while others have only a digital or co-ax connection. RCA connections are not advisable for most sound bars.

Sound bars are programmed to work with audio, although some high-end brands can also control video. For the best performance, it is best to connect the equipment using an HDMI cable. Alternatively, a digital connection can be used. The only time users should consider using the red and white connecting cables (RCA analog) is if there are no other types of connections available.

One way of setting up a sound box for audio and video is to first connect the video players or cable box to the TV using an HDMI cable, and then to connect the TV to the sound box using a co-ax optical or digital cable. This method permits switching inputs between the video player and the cable box without the viewer noticing any deterioration in quality.

Another method involves connecting each device separately by connecting independent cables for the video player and for the cable box to the TV. This method often produces better sound.

For more advanced sound bars that also include video functions, the video source is connected directly to the sound bar with an HDMI cable. Using this method, audio and video are changed only through the sound bar.