How Do You Install Software on a Samsung Chromebook 3?


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Install software on a Samsung Chromebook Series 3 by visiting the Chrome Web Store and clicking on the Install button with each application's page. Chromebooks only support applications from the official Chrome Web Store as the computers run the Chrome OS rather than a traditional operating system.

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To install an application from the Chrome Web Store onto a Samsung Chromebook, launch the store's app from the computer's main navigation system while on an active Internet connection. Locate the application you want to install either through a keyword search or by browsing the product and functionality categories. Open the application's page and click on the Install button to initiate the process. Many applications require an Internet connection to function, though some are capable of operating in an offline mode. Check the specifications of each program to understand its capabilities and limitations.

The Chrome OS is a special type of operating system developed by Google that functions on its suite of lifestyle tools and the Chrome Web browser. The system does not support the installation of traditional third-party software, as do operating systems such as Windows and Mac OS, instead allowing only applications that also function in the standalone Chrome browser. These limitations allow for a faster computing experience and a significantly lower price compared to other computer models.

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