How Do You Install Rope Lighting?


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The simplest and most common method to install rope lighting is to nail it on the wall or the ceiling using cable clips. You need cable clips, a hammer, a power source and the rope lighting. The time needed for installation depends on the length of the rope.

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  1. Decide where to install

    Choose where you want to install the rope lighting depending on your needs. In most cases, the rope lighting is installed on the ceiling or on the wall in order to produce the desired results. Consider the position of the source of power to ensure that your rope reaches the socket.

  2. Mount the rope lighting

    Use the hammer to clip the lighting on the wall or the ceiling. Slide the rope in the open arcs of the cable clips during the installation as you twist it in your desired pattern. Ensure that the hammer does not miss the target while hitting the clips because it can destroy the rope lighting.

  3. Test the workability

    Switch off the socket, and plug in the rope lighting. Use the extension code if the length of the rope lighting does not reach the power outlet. Switch the socket on to see if it lights.

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