How Do You Install a Rear View Camera System?


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To install a rear view camera system to your car, mount the camera near the trunk handle or license plate light, and mount the display screen, if such a display is not already part of the vehicle, in the area of the radio, on the dash or under the rear-view mirror. Camera and display systems are typically found at automotive stereo shops and major electronics retailers.

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There are three configurations of aftermarket rear-view camera systems. The first includes only a camera for use in a vehicle that has an in-dash screen already present. The second consists of an all-in-one solution of a camera and display. In the third system, the owner buys the camera and display separately. Both wired and wireless systems exist.

Ideally, the camera has a high resolution, a wide viewing angle and a deep focal length to accurately display the area behind the vehicle. When it is mounted, it should show a bit of the bumper as a reference point.

In May 2018, the National Highway Safety Administration plans to require all new vehicles under 10,000 pounds to include a rear-view camera as standard equipment. This is meant to help prevent accidents in which the driver backs over a child or another pedestrian because he can't see the person behind him.

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