How Do You Install Popular Screen Savers?


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To install a popular screen saver, select the desired screen saver from the screen saver website, and then download the screen saver by clicking on the Download button. Click on the executable screen saver file and run it to install the screen saver automatically.

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Some popular screen savers let you add new photos by clicking on the Screen Saver button in the toolbar, selecting Photo Gallery from the menu and choosing the desired category. Browse the photos, and click to enlarge them if they look appealing. Click on the Download to My Screen Saver button to add a photo.

You can also add personal photos or a collection of photos sharing a single theme to popular screen savers. To download a collection of photos, click the Photo Gallery button and browse the photos to find a collection. Click the Download This Collection button.

Popular screen savers often allow personalization of your photo display. Right-click on the desktop, and select the Properties option. In the displayed window pop-up, choose the Screen Saver tab, and click on the settings button. A browser opens displaying your screen saver page. Choose the photos, decide the order of the photos, and add any transition effects, time intervals and display settings.

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