How Do You Install OEM Software?

How Do You Install OEM Software?

To install original equipment manufacturer software, start by checking the software's hardware requirements and ensure that your computer meets them. Run the executable file on the installation CD or with the download package, and follow the instructions to install the software.

Before installing OEM software, ensure that your computer meets all the hardware requirements. Your computer should have enough hard disk space and random access memory. In case the software requires you to install another program first for it to run properly, ensure you have this program before installing the OEM software.

Close all programs running in the background, as these use up the resources your computer needs to properly install the OEM software. Insert the CD into your computer's CD drive and open it. Alternatively, if you downloaded the software, open the downloaded file. Look for a user manual or a "read me" file. These files contain installation instructions and may have some special instructions that you should follow.

Look for the software's key on the software packaging. The key proves that the software is legal. Key in this code during the installation process for it to continue. Look for the executable file and double click it. Follow the instructions for the software to install correctly.

Some programs have an autorun feature that begins the installation process as soon as you insert the CD into the drive. In case of any installation problems, contact the hardware manufacturer or the software developer.