How Do You Install the New Version of Windows XP?


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To install the latest version of Windows XP, such as the XP service pack 3, use the installation CD after turning on your computer, according to Microsoft. You can also install the new version of Windows XP when upgrading from within your current operating system using the installation CD. Running the Windows XP CD while in your operating system only gives you the option for an upgrade whereas booting the computer up into the setup offers a clean install.

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Make sure you backup all existing data on your computer before installing the latest Windows XP, explains Microsoft. When placing the installation CD in the computer, power on your computer and ensure the CD boot option activates in your computer BIOS. Press the ENTER key to continue installing Windows XP once you see the prompt message on your monitor and agree to the terms of use. Alternatively, you can insert the install CD to automatically launch the setup process for Windows XP after turning on your computer. If it does not start automatically, click your start menu, press run and type the letter name of your CD drive followed by “:\setup.exe” while the run screen displays.

Microsoft made Windows XP available in 2001, explains Digital Trends. However, the company no longer provides support for this operating system including installation support, as of 2015.

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