How Do You Install the New Version of DirectX?


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Use the Windows Update feature, or apply the latest service pack for Windows to install the latest version of DirectX. DirectX can also be installed by downloading the latest version of DirectX End-User Runtimes from Microsoft's support site. Run the installer with local administrator credentials, follow the steps highlighted on the installer and restart the computer to complete installing DirectX.

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Most versions of Windows are preloaded with DirectX, and latest versions of the software are installed through Windows Update. Check which version of DirectX is installed by running the dxdiag command in Windows search or in the Run field of the Start menu. The installed DirectX version is displayed at the bottom of the DirectX Diagnostic Tool, beside the Microsoft copyright notice. Compare the code with the latest version of DirectX released by Microsoft on its support site.

To automatically install the latest version of DirectX, run Windows Update from the Start menu, and check for updates to the program. Initiate the update, and follow the instructions in the installer. To manually install the latest version of DirectX, download the latest package, and run it. The Web installer searches for the local installation of DirecX and installs any missing files. Restart the computer to complete automatic or manual installation.

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