How Do You Install a New Roku Player?


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The steps necessary to install a Roku player include connecting the device to a TV, establishing an Internet connection, powering on the device and waiting for it to download the necessary software. Once the update completes, the last step includes going through the guided setup and following the on-screen instructions.

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Before connecting the Roku player to a TV, determine which connection type it supports. To make the most of a Roku player that support the 1080p resolution, use the HDMI connection. The component connection supports resolutions up to 720p, while the composite connection is only capable of standard definition. To establish an Internet connection, connect the Roku player to a router using an Ethernet cable. If you have access to wireless Internet, all you need to do is input the wireless network name and security code after selecting the Wireless option from the initial setup screen.

After connecting the Roku player to a power source and turning it on, the home screen should appear, allowing you to press OK to access the network connection settings. Choose the appropriate option based on your Internet connection, and wait for the device to download the required software and automatically restart. After that, select your time zone, navigate to the Roku account page on your computer, and input the code that the Roku player displays on the TV. Once you log in, set up the payment method and choose the initial channel lineup.

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