How Do You Install a New Phone Jack?


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Installing a new phone jack consists of drilling an access hole, running phone cable behind the wall, mounting the jack and then wiring the connections. While telephone lines are typically very low voltage, they may carry enough current to give a mild shock. Disconnect all lines before beginning any wiring, and never work on phone lines during thunderstorms.

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Disconnect telephone lines at the interface box, which is typically mounted on the exterior wall where the phone lines run into the house. Drill an access hole at the location of the new phone jack. Use pliers to cut and bend a wire clothes hanger, shaping a hook at one end. Use the hanger to feed telephone wire through the access hole to the interface box. Attach a surface-mounted jack to the baseboard next to the location of the cable.

Mount the jack by peeling off the adhesive back layer or using screws to secure it to the baseboard. Wire the jack by connecting the red wire to the red screw terminals. Use wire connectors to attach the black and green wires together as well as the red and yellow wires before replacing the jack's cover plate. Wire the telephone cable to the interface box before closing the box cover and testing the line for a dial tone.

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