How Do You Install a MySQL Database Server on Your Windows PC?


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Download the MySQL GUI installer from the Development downloads page, and install the database server on your Windows PC. You only need an Internet-ready Windows PC and the MySQL Installation Wizard to get started.

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  1. Download the MySQL Installation Wizard

    Open your Web browser, and type the MySQL Development website in the URL bar. Press Enter to load the page. Download the MySQL Installation Wizard to your desktop. Go to the Control Panel, and disable the User Account Control to prevent Windows from displaying MySQL as a security risk.

  2. Run the installer

    Double-click the EXE or MSI file to run the installer. Choose from Typical, Complete and Custom installs, depending on your needs. Click Next, and select the installation path. Click Next, and select Install. When the installation finishes, launch the MySQL Config Wizard if you need to create a configuration file.

  3. Unblock the ports

    Go to the Control Panel, and double-click the Windows Firewall icon. Select the option to allow a program through Windows Firewall. Click Add Port. Enter MySQL in the Name box, and enter 3306 or the port of your choice in the Port Number box. Check the TCP radio button, and click the Change Scope button if you want to limit access to the MySQL server. Confirm your choices, and click OK to finish.

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