How Do You Install a Multiple-Room Surround Sound System?


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To install a multiple-room surround sound system, first place the audio receiver in the room where you keep your entertainment technology. Choose a place for each speaker in the house, and measure the distance between the speakers and the receiver, and add a few feet to the measurements to ensure the wiring has slack. Use wire cutters to cut speaker wire to that measurement, and remove an inch of the rubber shell on the end.

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Place the receiver and speakers on drywall to install the wiring through the wall. If you have brick or concrete walls, hire a professional to install the wiring. Pre-drill holes for the receiver and one speaker into areas on the wall that have no studs, and thread the appropriate length of wire between the two of them. Use an extension hook to pull the end of the wire through the other hole. Connect the wire ends to the appropriate speaker ports.

Repeat this process with each speaker. Each speaker corresponds to a label on the back of the main receiver, such as "front right," and has a positive port and a negative port for each side of the wire. For the additional room speakers, connect speaker wire from the "Zone 1 Out" terminals. Inserted the wire into the "Zone 2 Out" terminals on the additional room speakers.

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