How Do You Install MKV Codec on Windows Media Player?


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Install the MKV codec in Windows Media Player by downloading the codec pack and running the installer. Once installed, import the MKV file to WMP, and test the playback. You need an Internet-ready computer with Windows 7 or 8 and a browser to complete the process.

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  1. Open a Web browser

    Log in to your Windows user account. Open your preferred browser, and wait for the start page to load.

  2. Navigate to the codec website

    Type the MKV Codec website in the browser URL address field. Alternatively, you can navigate to the Shark007 website to download an exclusive MKV codec for Windows 7 and 8.

  3. Download the codec pack

    Click the Download (Mirror) link at the bottom of the MKV Codec website. The download automatically starts upon opening the new page. Click the download link on the Shark007 website if you prefer to use that codec pack.

  4. Install the MKV codec

    Double-click the download to run the installer. Choose custom installation, and uncheck any third-party applications that come bundled with the codec pack. Follow the instructions to install the codec.

  5. Play the video

    Open Windows Media Player. Next, open the folder that contains the MKV file. Drag and drop the file onto Windows Media Player to watch the movie.

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