How Do You Install Microsoft Paint?


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MS Paint can be installed onto a computer running Windows by using the installation CD that should have come with the computer. The exact sequence of steps depends on the version of Windows being used. For example, MS Paint can be installed onto a computer running Windows 7 by going to "Install Paint" under "Programs and Features" in the Control Panel.

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Before installing MS Paint, it is important to make sure that the computer does not have it already installed. First, start the Run command, and then enter "mspaint.". If MS Paint is already installed, that should cause it to start up. If this does not happen, double-check by opening the folder called C:\Windows\System 32. Instead of scrolling through the list of files, use the search function to find MS Paint, which should be named "mspaint.exe."

Please note that while the installation CD is the surest method for installing MS Paint, there is a simpler and more straightforward method as well. Get a copy of MS Paint, open the folder called C:\Windows\System 32, and then put said copy in said folder. Please note that this is not a perfect method because there are different versions of MS Paint that come installed with different versions of Windows, meaning that the wrong MS Paint can be incompatible.

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