How Do You Install Microsoft Office for Mac 2011?

How Do You Install Microsoft Office for Mac 2011?

To install Microsoft Office for Mac 2011, close all open applications, and insert the installation DVD into the disk drive. If you downloaded the product, double-click on the Setup icon located on your Desktop. Double-click the Microsoft Office installer icon, and then click Continue.

Read the Software License Agreement, click Continue, and then click Agree to accept the terms and conditions of the product. If you want to select a different hard drive to install the product, click Change Install

Location. Click the Customize button to choose or remove other installation components, such as Microsoft Messenger, Microsoft Document Connection and Dock Icons, that come with the product, and then click Install.

Provide the Mac username and password, and then click OK to launch the installation process. Click Close when the installation process ends. Locate the 25-character product key on the disc case of the product, or check the rectangular label that came with the installation media. Enter the product key into the provided text box on the new window.

If you purchased the product online, open your email account and locate the product key in the order confirmation email from Microsoft. Copy and paste the product key into the text box under Enter Your Product Key to activate Microsoft Office.