How Do You Install Microsoft Office 365?

How Do You Install Microsoft Office 365?

Installing Microsoft Office 365 requires that the user purchase the software, enter the product key and configure settings during installation, a simple process that takes only minutes. Once installation is complete, users are asked to register their software with Microsoft so that data on performance and usage can be collected over time.

Microsoft Office 365 is available on the Microsoft Store website. It can be purchased and downloaded directly or acquired as a free limited trial.

  1. Purchase and download Microsoft Office 365
  2. Users must acquire and download the software to begin. Purchasing from the Microsoft Store allows users to begin the download process immediately after payment is made. The download requires that the product key be entered in a prompt screen, and the key is issued upon purchase.

  3. Confirm and install
  4. Users must confirm that the program may access their computer. The installation process will then begin automatically and the user must simply configure user settings for the program, including name and contact information entry and other basic information about how the program will store files and interact with other files and programs.

  5. Register if desired
  6. The user then registers the product with Microsoft. This is optional and allows Microsoft to collect data from the user's usage of the program.