How Do You Install Microsoft Office 2013?


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To install Microsoft Office 2013, enter your product key online on the Microsoft Office website, download the application, and run the setup program. If you have an installation disc, insert it into the DVD drive of your computer, enter the product key, and follow the prompts for installation.

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  1. Set up your Microsoft account online

    If you purchased a product key online or your computer does not have a DVD drive, you can download the program from the Microsoft Office website. Open your Web browser, and go to office.com/setup. If you have an installation disc, go to office.microsoft.com/downloadoffice, and click Download. Enter the 25 character product key into the fields provided. If you do not already have a Microsoft account, follow the prompts to create one. Otherwise, enter your username and password.

  2. Download the application

    From your account page, click Install to download Microsoft Office 2013.

  3. Install the application

    If you have a Windows computer, click Run when the dialog box appears. If you have the installation disc, insert it into your computer. Enter the product key, and follow the prompts to complete the installation process.

  4. Open an Office application

    In Windows 8, navigate to the Start screen, and type the name of the application into the search. In Windows 7 or earlier, click on the Start button. Select All Programs, and find the application from the list.

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