How Do You Install a MagicJack Device?


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To install a magicJack device, connect the magicJack to the Internet, connect a phone to the magicJack phone port, provide power to the device, and then register it online. This task requires a broadband Internet connection, a router with an available port, and a computer with an available USB port.

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Insert one end of the supplied Ethernet cable into the Internet port of the magicJack until a clicking sound is heard. Insert the other end of the same cable into an available port on the router until a clicking sound is heard. The magicJack now has an active Internet connection but needs a phone connected in order to make calls. Connect the phone to the magicJack phone port until a clicking sound is heard.

To provide power, plug the magicJack into the power adapter and into an outlet. If space is a concern, the supplied USB can also power the device. Register the magicJack at MJReg.com to begin making and accepting calls. Setup is finished once the registration process is complete.

If the device fails to detect or is malfunctioning, it needs to be connected to either a PC or Mac with an available USB port. Once the magicJack is connected, the troubleshooting software automatically launches for PC users. Mac users must manually start the process by double-clicking the magicJack icon to launch the application. The magicJack application guides you through the activation process, provides a phone number, and also allows you to purchase credit.

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