How Do You Install Macromedia Flash Professional 8?

How Do You Install Macromedia Flash Professional 8?

Download Macromedia Flash Professional 8 from Soft 32. However, because Adobe only sells licences for the latest version of Flash Professional 8, it is not possible to activate the application after the 30 days of free trial. Download Adobe Flash Professional CC to create Flash content after 30 days.

Click the green Download Now button on Soft 32 to download the installer. Because Macromedia designed the application for Windows XP, you may need to run it in compatibility mode. To do so, right click on the application, click Properties, and navigate to the Compatibility tab. Choose Windows XP from the list, and click OK.

To download the latest edition, click Free Trial on the individual page of Adobe Flash Professional CC. Adobe then asks you to fill in a survey to determine your skill level. Fill it in, and Sign In with your Adobe ID if you have one or create a new one by clicking Sign Up For An Adobe ID. The website then offers the download link.

The application does not function after the free trial. You must then subscribe to a payment plan. As of January 2016, Creative Cloud Single App and Creative Cloud All Apps are two payment plans that include Flash Professional CC. The Single App plan also offers various fonts by Adobe, 20 gigabytes of cloud storage and a portfolio website. The All Apps plan includes every application made by Adobe, including Flash Professional CC.

As Adobe Systems Incorporated has acquired Macromedia in 2005, the names of the application may cause confusion. Although the application no longer has the Macromedia brand in its name, Adobe Flash Professional CC is the continuation of the Flash Professional application line. Likewise, all patches and documentation for older versions of Flash Professionals are now available at