How Do You Install a Lorex Camera?

How Do You Install a Lorex Camera?

Installation of a Lorex camera involves the running of cables, connecting the basic parts, such as the mouse, cables, display, power adapter and the cameras, and the system software setup. Identification of ports on the DVR, configurations to ensure event recording and password management are vital.

Connect the BNC cameras to the BNC ports, or video inputs, on the rear side by pushing and twisting the connectors clockwise. Connect the USB cable and the Ethernet cable to their respective ports on the rear. Connect the display using the VGA cable. Connect the power adapter to a source of power or a surge protector.

Ensure the camera images are sorted before mounting them on the walls permanently. Set the date and time on the DVR by right-clicking anywhere on the screen, selecting the main menu and on the advanced options, the date and time. Click on apply and update now to save.

No password is needed to log into the system locally. Run the BNC extension cable with extremely minimal exposure. Mount the camera stands to their desired points by choosing firm surfaces and attaching the cameras to the stands. Connect the male power connector on the BNC extension to the female power connector on the cameras. Connect the BNC connector to the BNC port on the system.

The adapter should be connected to power. To power on, connect the power cable to the DC 12V port.