How Do You Install Linux on Your Computer?

How Do You Install Linux on Your Computer?

To install Linux on your computer, purchase Linux on a USB flash drive, insert the USB stick into your computer, and turn the computer on. Linux is self-contained on the USB stick and does not change any files on your computer.

  1. Create or purchase a bootable USB flash drive

    The easiest way to install Linux is to purchase the operating system on a USB flash drive or DVD. If you want to create your own bootable flash drive, download and install a program such as After the USB stick is optimized, download a desktop version of Linux, such as Ubuntu, and save it to the flash drive.

  2. Boot to the USB flash drive

    Turn off your computer, and insert the USB stick into a USB port. Turn your computer on, and carefully watch for the message that tells you how to enter the BIOS settings. As quickly as possible, press the key or keys listed on the screen. Locate the Boot menu, and configure the boot device priority so that USB device is in the first position. Save the changes, exit, and restart your computer.

  3. Install the operating system

    Turn your computer back on. When the USB stick boots, select Try or Install the Linux program. If you click Try, you can use the operating system from the flash drive without installing it on the computer's hard drive. If you want to perform a full installation on the hard drive, click Install.