How Do You Install the Latest Version of Windows Media Player?


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To download the latest version of Windows Media Player, visit Microsoft.com and click on the Downloads link at the top of the page. Choose Windows Media Player from the available downloads, locate the newest version of the player, and click Get It Now to begin the download.

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The newest media player may not be compatible with all computers. As of 2015, the newest Windows Media Player is version 12.0, which is compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. Other operating systems may require additional downloads for the media player to operate properly.

For example, Mac users are required to download Windows Media Components for QuickTime in order to operate Windows Media Player. Users with other operating systems, such as Windows Vista, should determine whether the newest version of Windows Media Player is compatible with their operating system.

To download the appropriate media player on operating systems created before Windows 8.1, visit the Windows Media Player download page on Microsoft.com, and click on the Get It Now link located beside the newest version of the media player that is compatible with the device. Versions of Windows Media Player that are not compatible with the device do not have a download link available.

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