How Do You Install the JW Library Mobile App on Your Handheld Device?

install-jw-library-mobile-app-handheld-device Credit: Dean Belcher/Stone/Getty Images

Android OS, iOS, Windows Phone and Kindle Fire users can download and install JW Library from Jehovah's Witnesses from the respective digital distribution platform for their device – Google Play, Apple App Store, Windows Store or Amazon Appstore. The app is available for free through all of these distribution platforms.

The JW Library app shares the same name across all distribution platforms. To find the app, users may search for it by name using the search function on any of these platforms. Users should then follow the same procedure to install JW Library as they would for any other app on their device.

Before JW Library can be installed, the user's device must meet certain requirements. On Android and Kindle Fire devices, Android OS version 2.3 (Gingerbread) or higher is required in order to install the app. Apple mobile devices must have iOS 6.0 or later installed. Windows devices running Windows 8 or higher support the app as well.

Additionally, users need to make sure that they have enough free space on their devices to install the app. The app takes up roughly 50 megabytes of space on Android and Windows devices. IPhone, iPad and iPod users need to have at least 58 megabytes of free space on their devices to install the app.