How Do I Install JavaScript?

Install JavaScript on your Web browser by altering your browser's settings to allow for the script to run. Though the enabling process varies depending on the browser, because Google Chrome is the most popular browser in the United States, the process for installing JavaScript in Chrome is included here.

  1. Open Google Chrome

    Click the Google Chrome icon on your desktop to open the browser. Click the "Menu" icon on the upper-right side of the browser window, then click the "Settings" option.

  2. Find advanced settings

    Click the "Show Advanced Settings" link at the bottom of the browser page. A menu appears on the same page underneath the link just clicked.

  3. Change content settings

    Find the "Privacy" subhead in bold and then click on the "Content Settings" button located just underneath it. A dialog window opens on the screen.

  4. Allow sites to run JavaScript

    Locate the JavaScript section on the dialog window, then find the "Allow All Sites to Run JavaScript" option, and click to select.

  5. Begin using JavaScript

    Click the "OK" or "Done" button to save your selection. Close the "Settings" tab, then click the circular arrow at the top-left portion of the Web page to reload the page and allow JavaScript to run.

To improve your computer's security, Java recommends uninstalling older versions from your computer before installing a new version. For detailed instructions, click the red Free Download Java button on the main page at, then click the Remove Older Versions tab near the top-left of the page, and then follow the instructions provided for the operating system your computer uses.

To install Java, click the red Free Download Java button on the main page at, and then click the underlined See All Java Downloads link near the bottom of the page. Click the version of Java for the operating system used on your computer to download the software, and click the Instructions link to display installation instructions.

To enable JavaScript in your browser, go to, and click on the icon representing the browser you use to display detailed instructions.