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JavaScript likely is already embedded in your computer's browser; the method for enabling it depends on which browser you use. Typically, you enable it by changing a browser setting found in accordance with step-by-step instructions provided at Java.com. JavaScript is distinct from Java; download Java for free at Java.com, and then run the installer included with the download after first removing older versions of Java from your computer by following the instructions provided Java's website.

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To improve your computer's security, Java recommends uninstalling older versions from your computer before installing a new version. For detailed instructions, click the red Free Download Java button on the main page at Java.com, then click the Remove Older Versions tab near the top-left of the page, and then follow the instructions provided for the operating system your computer uses.

To install Java, click the red Free Download Java button on the main page at Java.com, and then click the underlined See All Java Downloads link near the bottom of the page. Click the version of Java for the operating system used on your computer to download the software, and click the Instructions link to display installation instructions.

To enable JavaScript in your browser, go to Enable-JavaScript.com, and click on the icon representing the browser you use to display detailed instructions.

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