How Do You Install IOS 7.0?


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Apple users can install the iOS 7.0 through two different methods: using a WiFi network or using iTunes via a computer. The iOS 7.0 is only usable starting with certain generations of Apple devices, including iPhones 4 and above, second-generation iPod touches and certain iPad devices.

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Apple users who are connected to a WiFi network can go to their device and choose the Software Update option under the device Settings. This screen allows users to download and install the iOS 7 after agreeing to Apple's Terms and Conditions. Once installed, the iOS 7 requires the user to configure certain settings, such as Location Services, Apple ID Sign In and Passcode creation.

Apple users upgrading through iTunes are required to connect to a computer. Once their Apple device is detected on iTunes, the user can click the Update option to update the device. A pop-up window appears once the option is selected, which prompts the user to confirm the download and update process.

As of June 2015, Apple users can also choose to upgrade their device to the iOS 8, which is a newer version of the iOS. The iOS 9 is also scheduled to be released in the fall of 2015.

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