How Do You Install an Intel H55 Chipset Motherboard?

First, install the input/output shield by putting it inside the chassis and pressing it into place. Place the motherboard inside the chassis and secure it into place using the screws provided with the chassis. For any specific installation instructions, refer to your chassis and Intel H55 chipset motherboard manuals.

To prevent static discharge damage to the Intel H55 chipset motherboard, perform the installation in a static-controlled workstation or wear an antistatic wrist strap before handling the motherboard. When securing the Intel H55 chipset motherboard to the chassis, apply no more than 6 to 10 inch-pounds to the screws to prevent damage to the screws or the motherboard. If your chassis or Intel H55 chipset motherboard is Balanced Technology Extended, install the support and retention module that is included with the chassis if it is not already pre-installed. If you are unsure what processor or memory models are supported by the H55 chipset, a list of compatible models is available on Intel's website.

Before attempting to install any other components to the Intel H55 chipset motherboard or connecting or disconnecting those components, remove the motherboard from its power source. An electrical discharge from the motherboard can damage the other motherboard components and cause severe personal injury.