How Do You Install an Indoor TV Antenna?


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Indoor TV antennas are connected via coaxial cables that plug directly into televisions; a standard RG6 cable will do the job if the cable is not provided. Most modern indoor TV antennas are designed to receive digital television broadcasts, which allows users to watch HDTV without paying for cable services.

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Antennas are usually inexpensive and can be purchased at most basic electronics stores. In general,an indoor TV antenna will come with a coaxial cable attached to it, which plugs directly into the coaxial port on the television. If it does not come with its own cable, an RG6 coaxial cable, which is also available at most basic electronics stores, is the right type of connector.

If you have an older analog television, you will also need to get a digital converter box. You then plug the antenna unit into that box with a coaxial cable and plug the box into the television with another coaxial cable.

After you have plugged in the cable, you need to do a channel scan. To do this, use your television’s remote to open the main menu, and find the channel scan option. Select it and it will start scanning for available channels, which can take a few minutes. Once it has scanned for channels, it saves the channels it has found to memory so that you can easily switch between them when using your television.

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