How Do You Install an HP Printer in a Wireless Network?

How Do You Install an HP Printer in a Wireless Network?

To connect an HP printer to a wireless network, install the latest software for the printer and follow the onscreen instructions to allow the software to auto-detect your network. You need a computer with Windows Vista or higher, or Mac OS X 10.5 or higher, and an established wireless network.

  1. Plug in the printer

    Remove the printer from its packaging. Connect the power adapter to the printer and plug the power adapter in an electrical outlet. Turn on the printer and install the cartridges.

  2. Find the latest drivers for your printer

    Go to, and hover over the Support option in the main navigation menu. Select Download drivers. Find your printer, and download the latest software for it.

  3. Set up the wireless connection

    Allow the software's wizard to take you through the first section of the installation process. Select Wireless for Connection Type. Wait for the software to auto-detect your printer through the wireless network. Finish the installation process. If the software does not auto-detect your wireless connection, print a Wireless Network Test report or a Network Configuration page to determine the IP address of your printer. Use the software's advanced search feature and enter the IP address to connect the printer to the wireless network.