How Do You Install Hibernate Tools?

How Do You Install Hibernate Tools?

You can install Hibernate Tools either by installing the newest JBoss Tools or using a standalone version via Ant 1.6.x or later. Hibernate Tools works in a default integrated development environment such as Eclipse or with an IDE and a Web tools platform such as JBDS/JBoss Tools. Install JBTools from the JBoss website or through the Eclipse Marketplace, or download Hibernate Tools directly from Hibernate.

  1. Download JBoss Tools

    Go to JBossDeveloper, and download the latest version of JBoss Tools. This toolkit includes Hibernate Tools and requires no additional installation steps. If you need to update Hibernate Tools, use the JBoss Tools update site.

  2. Use Eclipse WTP

    Use the Eclipse WTP to install Hibernate Tools. Make sure you use the latest stable Eclipse WTP project before installation. JBoss recommends installing Hibernate Tools in a clean installation of Eclipse to minimize problems.

  3. Install through Ant

    Ant, a Java-based build tool, provides an option for installing Hibernate Tools in Eclipse. Before you begin, you need the hibernate-tools.jar file and the associated libraries. Download the libraries from the Ant and Eclipse update sites. Once installed, you can define the Hibernate Tools in the build.xml file and use it in your daily programming tasks in Eclipse.