How Do You Install a GPS on a McNally Truck?


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To install a Rand McNally IntelliRoute TND Global Positioning System receiver onto a compatible truck, plug a power source into the receiver, slide the receiver onto its cradle, attach the cradle to its mount and use the suction cup at the rear of the mount to seal it in place at an appropriate area on your windshield or dashboard. Be sure to not block your airbags or defy any local regulations about windshield mounting.

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The film behind a TND IntelliRoute's suction cup must be removed before the mount becomes adhesive. The TND unit should snap into place as the user holds the mount at the desired position with the suction cup lever pressed down. An IntelliRoute TND receiver's screen position can be adjusted using the thumbscrew on the mount after installation is complete.

Different IntelliRoute receivers have different manufacturer-suggested methods of receiving power. The TND 500 and TND 510 must be plugged into a 12-volt power connection such as a cigarette lighter, while the TND 760's Fleet Install Guide suggests plugging the unit's power cord directly into the truck's diagnostic port. In the case of the TND 760, the user can choose to route the power cable between the dashboard and windshield or behind the dashboard panel, and can either choose to conceal the power cable's connection behind the diagnostic panel or leave it plugged in openly. TND units such as the TND 500 run on battery power when not plugged in, and should be initially charged at a wall outlet prior to first use.

As of 2015, windshield suction mounts are illegal in 29 states. Additionally, states such as Hawaii have regulations that define where a windshield mount can and cannot be placed. Arizona, for example, provides a small mounting area on either lower corner of the windshield.

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