How Do You Install an Ethernet Crossover Cable?


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The materials required to make an Ethernet crossover cable includes Ethernet cabling, a crimping tool, two RJ45 plugs and two plug shields. It may also be helpful to reference a wiring diagram.

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  1. Strip both ends of the cable shielding

    Begin by threading the plug shield onto the cable. Next, use the crimping tool to remove around 1/2 inch of cable shielding from both ends.

  2. Correctly arrange the wires

    Untangle the wires from both ends, and organize them in the order shown on the diagram sheet. Make sure one end is organized according to arrangement A (orange stripe, solid orange, green stripe, solid blue, blue stripe, solid green, brown stripe and solid brown) and the other end in arrangement B (green stripe, solid green, orange stripe, brown stripe, solid brown, solid orange, solid blue and blue striped wire). Once the wires are in order, bunch them in a line, and crop them evenly.

  3. Attach the RJ45 plugs to both ends

    When handling the plug, make sure the gold pins are facing toward you, and the clip side is facing away. Carefully push the cable inside the plug. The notch should lie over the cable shielding. Make sure the wires maintain the proper order when pushing them in. Repeat on the other end.

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