How Do You Install a Delta Faucet?


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To install a Delta faucet, collect a basin wrench, adjustable wrench, silicone sealant, plumber tape and channel locks. A flashlight, Phillips screwdriver and slotted screwdriver are also needed. It may also help to have a tape cutter, fine grade sandpaper and tape measure available.

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The faucet must first be positioned onto the sink before any other work is done, and held in place by tightening the plastic mounting nuts underneath. When the sink is attached, the water supply is connected. To do this, wrap plumber tape around the threads of the valve that supplies the water. The water supply nut is then threaded to the shut-off valve and tightened. Wrap the faucet shank threads with plumber tape, then thread the water supply nut to the faucet shank and tighten.

To connect the lift rod, ensure the pivot rod is down, then insert the lift rod and tighten the screw. Make sure the rod lifts and is in the right position by adjusting it through loosening the lift rod strap screw. If a major adjustment is needed, remove the spring clip and move the pivot rod to a different hole in the strap of the lift rod. The final step is to flush the faucet by removing the aerator and sealing gasket, and opening the water supply valves. Flush out the faucet by turning on the water slowly and running it for about 15 seconds before replacing the aerator and gasket.

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