How Do You Install Coax Cable?


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Installing a coaxial cable involves cutting the cable to the right end and fitting the cable end connectors. Take care when fitting the coaxial cable end connectors, because once a coax cable has been compressed or crimped, it cannot be re-used.

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There are two different types of coaxial cable end fittings, including compression fittings and crimp fittings. To prepare the cable for fitting, cut it to size with a sharp pair of wire cutters, ensuring that the cut is clean and that the cable retains its shape. Use wire strippers to reveal the copper wire at the end, and then make a second cut just below the first one, which reveals the rubber jacket.

Next, slide the end connector over the revealed wire, and secure it in place using either a crimp tool or a compression tool, as required. If fitting the connector proves difficult, use a pair of pliers to hold the connector, instead using fingers to manipulate it.

Take care to use the correct slot of the fitting tool. Choose the second slot on a crimp fitting tool to fit RG 6 coax cable. On a compression tool, use the “F” adapter to crimp a coax cable for a television.

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