How Do You Install a CD Changer in the Trunk of Your Car?


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To install a CD changer in a car trunk, mount a changer mounting hardware onto the trunk, connect the changer to the car battery, connect the changer to the car stereo, and then test the changer. Obtain a CD changer that is appropriate for your car model and make before attempting this task. Additionally, you need a screwdriver, a changer mounting hardware and wire strippers to complete this task.

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To avoid a possible electric shock, start by disconnecting the car battery from the engine and removing the keys from the ignition system. Using the screwdriver, attach the mounting hardware onto the trunk with screws. To connect the changer to the battery, first remove 1/4 inch of insulation from each end of the power cord with the wire strippers, and connect one stripped end to the changer's power connection. Secure the remaining end of the power cord to the positive terminal of the battery with the battery clamp.

To connect the changer to the car stereo, attach one end of audio cables on the changer, and attach the other end to the car stereo. Be sure that the cables run underneath the car's interior carpet. To test the changer, reattach the cable that connects the battery with the engine, ignite the car, and check the operation of the changer.

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