How Do You Install a CB Radio?

How Do You Install a CB Radio?

To install a citizen's band (CB) radio on a vehicle, first find a place to mount the assembly and antenna, then proceed to install each piece of hardware into place. Wire the CB radio carefully because if there is any sort of interference with the antenna itself, the quality of its reception will decrease.

CB radios are very popular with people who own larger vehicles, or are often out in the wilderness. It allows many people to stay in touch with real-time traffic and weather updates and gives them another form of communication to reach out for help in the case of a serious emergency. There are countless reasons to use a CB radio, but once it is purchased, it will need to be installed. Use the following instructions to install a CB radio on a vehicle.

  1. Mount the radio
  2. Find the place the mount and secure the radio assembly. This is one of the hardest decisions to make, and the best places are usually kept out of the line of sight from windows in order to avoid theft.

  3. Wire the radio
  4. Wire the radio needs into the 12-volt ignition switch in order to receive power while the vehicle is on. Splice it in place, then take the antenna wire and snake it to the rear of the vehicle.

  5. Mount the antenna
  6. Secure the antenna to the roof of the vehicle in order to receive the best reception.

  7. Wire the antenna
  8. Connect the antenna wiring to the CB radio wire and secure it in place.