How Do You Install a CareLink USB Device?

How Do You Install a CareLink USB Device?

To install the CareLink USB driver, navigate to the Minimed home screen and choose the CareLink Personal Upload tab, which will open an installation wizard. Follow the instructions to download the proper driver required and install the USB software onto the computer.

Like most programs, CareLink has different software for Mac and Windows operating systems. However, the installation procedure for each system is still the same. Use these instructions to properly install CareLink USB onto a computer.

  1. Run the browser as Administrator
  2. While the USB is disconnected, run the browser as an admin to ensure the USB will have access to all of its necessary updates and communication.

  3. Open the CareLink tab
  4. Navigate back to the CareLink website at and open the tab from the top menu. Click on the link that says to install the proper driver.

  5. Wait
  6. Wait for the installation to finish, and then connect the USB device into the computer.

  7. Follow the wizard
  8. Once connected, a new wizard will pop up, showing instructions on how to install the USB driver. Continue to press Next and allow the drivers to be installed onto the USB device.

  9. Finish the installation
  10. Press the Finish option and begin to use the CareLink Personal Window application.