How Do You Install a Camera System?


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The process of installing a camera surveillance system involves mounting the cameras, attaching the power source and then configuring the video output and operational settings. Power sources needed to operate camera may utilize either replaceable batteries or wiring that attached to a permanent power source. Battery powered cameras and surveillance systems are typically easier to install while those that utilize a permanent power source like a transformer, outlet or extension cord are able to operate without interruption.

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Proper placement of a camera is essential as camera performance can differ considerably depending on the equipment model. Mount camera in locations that are the right distance to ensure good focus on specific areas and subjects. Most surveillance systems utilize cameras that attach to walls and ceilings using screws, bolts and other hardware. Direct-feed cameras that lack recording capabilities require fewer steps to install and configure.

When installing systems designed to store recordings, attach camera equipment to a VCR or digital recording devices using the appropriate hardware or cable. Install any motion detectors or other equipment designed to work in concert with a surveillance system and then perform a test to verify proper operation. Install and configure any digital software used to allow for remote viewing and camera operation.

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