How Do You Install a Backup Camera?


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Mount the camera, run the wire into the trunk for the transmitter, connect the transmitter to the cars power supply and replace the rearview mirror are the steps needed to install a backup camera on a vehicle. Installation procedures may vary depending on the vehicle's make, model and year.

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The signal from the camera to the monitor on the rearview mirror is wireless, so no major wiring is needed. Just remove the license plate. The camera will mount to the license plate mount. Mount the camera according to its instructions and run the wire into the trunk. You can either drill a hole or many times it will fit through the hole that the license plate light wire runs through. In the trunk, you plug it into the transmitter.

The transmitters power cable needs to be spliced into the wire going to the backup lights. It is easily accessible inside the trunk and will only turn the camera on when the vehicle is placed into reverse.

Next, install the new combination monitor and rearview mirror. They are designed to clip over the existing rearview mirror. For the monitors power supply, you can simply drop the cord and plug it into the cigarette lighter or you can push it to the front of the dashboard and run it around, hiding it behind the trim.

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