How Do You Install Audio Connectors?


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The first step in installing audio connectors is cutting the cable to the length you need. Ensure the cable is of a proper gauge, as the connector you use should match the gauge. If you are modifying a cable already in use, first unplug it from its device and from any source or electricity. Next, pull the wires in the cable away from each other so that you have individual wires to work with.

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Place the edge of a wire stripper about half an inch away from the end of one wire, and press the arm of the stripper as you spin the stripper around the wire to strip away the jacket. Peel the jacket off the bare wire, and remove the cable stripper. Repeat the process for the other wire. Next, place one of the wires between your index finger and your thumb, and twist all the inner copper strands together. Repeat the process for the other wire.

Take the connector with a red stripe, loosen its screws, and push in the gray-stripped wire through the bottom. When the wire can't go further, tighten the screws on the connector. Repeat this procedure on the black wire using the black-stripped connector. With the connectors in place, the cable is ready for use.

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