How Do You Install Adobe Flash Player on Android?

How Do You Install Adobe Flash Player on Android?

Adobe Flash Player is easy to install on Android devices, requiring only a few simple steps to download the program. It may be found in the Archived Flash Player Versions page on the Adobe website.

  1. Set up your phone

    The Android device should be connected to the Internet, either through Wi-Fi or a data plan. Tap "Settings," then select "Security" to access the Options menu. On older phones, this may be under "Applications" instead of "Security," so check both just in case. The Security or Applications Options menu should have an option called "Unknown Sources." Select this and then select "OK" to confirm.

  2. Obtain the program

    Select the device's Web browser and search for the Adobe Flash Player Archive page. The first option is the correct one. Scroll down the page to locate the section called "Flash Player for Android Archives." There are many downloads here, so make sure to find one compatible with your device. Newer releases of the Adobe Flash Player may not work on older devices.

  3. Download the program

    The link you need depends upon your specific device, so pick the best match. Select the appropriate link; the software download begins automatically. Exit the browser when the download is complete and tap "Notifications." Find the notification called "install_flash_player.apk". Select this option and then select "Install." When installation is done, select "Done." Adobe Flash Player has successfully downloaded to your device and is ready to use.