How Do You Insert a Fraction on PowerPoint?

How Do You Insert a Fraction on PowerPoint?

Once you know where you want your fraction on the slide, simply click and go to Insert. By selecting the symbol option, you can add fractions, as well as any other kind of symbols you need.

  1. Determine the location you want your fraction

    Click on the area on your PowerPoint slide where you want to insert your fraction.

  2. Click the “Insert” tab

    Move your mouse to the toolbar and select the “Insert” tab. A drop-down menu will come up.

  3. Select the “Symbol” option

    From the menu, scroll down to the option “Symbol” and click on it. A dialog box will open.

  4. Select the fraction

    When the dialog box pops up, go through the symbols and select the fraction that you need. Close the dialog box.