What Is an Innova Code Reader?


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An Innova Code Reader is a machine used to diagnose SRS and ABS codes on certain makes of cars. The machine is also used to reveal Check Engine light warnings and is set with an automatic refresh feature when connected to a vehicle.

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Innova produces a wide variety of code reader products, such as the INNOVA 3100 and the INNOVA 3150 models. Both code reader devices are compatible with GM, Toyota, Honda, Ford and Chrysler vehicles produced in 1996 or later. Each device is able to retrieve OBD2 DTC codes, including both generic and manufacturer-specific codes. Both the 3100 and 3150 code readers can also diagnose the reason behind a Check engine light warning and is used on a variety of vehicle types, including light trucks and SUVs.

The INNOVA 3100 diagnostic scan tool and code reader features an LED display that includes a patented all-in-one screen technology. This screen can quickly display the readiness check for State Emissions and verify drive cycles. The INNOVA 3100 is also compatible with a Windows 8 PC and is updated using a USB connection.

The INNOVA 3150 is designed to include a battery backup memory that allows for data review and analysis when it is not connected to a car.

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