How Do You Get Your Inmate Booking Photo Removed From Online?


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Inmate booking photos, also known as mug shots, can be removed only through websites that allow for their removal with their individual policies by submitting a request. Another method is to hire a professional to remove the photos, which generally costs a fee but tends to be more thorough.

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How Do You Get Your Inmate Booking Photo Removed From Online?
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Some websites offer the ability to have mug shots taken down, provided the photo has been there for a day or two. The examples of websites that do not remove these photos tend to be those who argue that listing these photo records is not illegal, and they only take them down if an individual meets the criteria for the unpublished policy.

Professionals that remove mug shots and other records use trained methods to track down the photos and have them expunged from the Internet. These methods include Google checks with the intent of keeping the photos from resurfacing elsewhere on the Internet.

Another option is to file for a record expungement petition. This method removes both inmate booking photos and the other records related to them, sealing them off from access by public and state agencies. It's possible to get the record to sealed instead if it's preferred that the records stay available to state agencies but not public ones.

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